Vow of Authenticity:

To not change my personality, flavor, vibe, or how I dance no matter what others are doing. To be around people and in classes where there is respect, congruence, devotion, and humility. To allow myself to be an art-work in process, always flowering into more of who I am.


Body-Centered Promise:

To love my body, however I am feeling, however I look, and wherever I am, especially by making good choice about how I move my body. No matter what the teacher is doing, I choose what feels right for me, always. I will not hurt my body to fit in.


Conscious Community Pledge:

To completely extinguish body bashing of myself and others, including engaging in excessive comparison, negative self-talk, micro-aggression in the form of judgement and criticism.

In our community, we value direct and compassionate dialogue and feedback. We do not buy into the “societally acceptable” standards of beauty or perfection.

We know all body types are beautiful, especially when dancing!