Giving Back


Trash for Cash

A Bali Fundraiser


As a community, we have received so much from Bali, that we will be giving back!  We were honored to meet Pak Sangging and other community leaders that told us about their efforts in preserving the Earth through education and conservation efforts in Tejakula.  We were impressed by the programming designed to prevent further deterioration of the environment by single use plastics, and plastics of all kinds.  We learned about the cash for trash programs, and other recycling efforts, as well as garbage collection services, and community based clean-up projects.   

We wanted to help. So, we held a fundraiser!  On Thanksgiving morning, which fell this year on November 26, 2018, 35 people gathered to dance and raise money for this important cause.  We raised $3500 for our cause!

Thank you, community, for your efforts!