Leadership Program

Where Bodyful Babes unite and share leadership!



Enrich your dance practice and life through dance leadership!

Level up your passion and presence with an attention to detail. Learn the nuances of Dina’s body-centered choreography, and connect deeper with your community.

If you’ve been attending class with Dina for 12 months, and you would like to learn more about leading a song or songs, click the button below to get more information.


Phase 1: shared leadership

You will have the opportunity to teach a song alongside Dina and/or with other student leaders, supporting you in cueing and holding space.

  • Minimum of 1 years weekly Bodyfulness Dance practice (or equivalent) required.

  • Cost of teaching internship is included with any class card.

  • You may schedule private sessions with Dina, as needed.

  • After completing Phase 1, you will gain the opportunity to teach a song or songs on your own.

  • Dina’s approval is required in order to complete Phase 1.


phase 2: Dance Mystery School

For those who complete Phase 1 while demonstrating some clear competency and interest, will be considered for and are offered sponsorship for Phase 2: Dance Mystery School Teacher Training Initiation.  

This opportunity will be offered again January 2020.

Please click the button below for more details.