Goddess of Sacred Space

I pick a tarot card or several on most mornings, from various decks in order to get inspiration for my day. Today’s featured deck is Yantra Wisdom, which according to author Chani, “offers you a way to shift your perspective through creativity, ritual, and reverence.” There is a quote on the information card that comes with the deck:

Look past your thoughts, so you may drink the pure nectar of this moment. - Rumi

I picked the card BHUVANESHVARI, Goddess of Sacred Space, which says “I accept support by all that is seen and unseen.” What a beautiful idea. One way I’m thinking about that idea is that when we create sacred space, by cleaning, smudging, aligning, thanking, and appreciating the space, land, and place, we are allowing ourselves to recognize the support that is already there. As opposed to just cleaning, which is you doing something to your space (tidying up), you are aligning the space, and allowing the blessings that are already there to be revealed to you as a gift. I love that.

In order to support a feeling of humility, safety, and reverence, I create sacred space, through ritual, prayer, and meditation before every class. It also calms my nerves and connects me with the clarity I need to facilitate, teach, and channel the dance experience. It brings a humility, to know that everything I have experienced is co-created. When I see who is in class with me, I see them as a co-creator as well, unfolding this path by divine appointment.

Thank you, Chani, for your amazing deck! I resonate with Hinduism, and especially love learning about Yantras and sacred geometry. It’s all so amazing!

Dina Love