Dina's Journey to Bodyfulness

About Dina

Dina Love, formerly Dina Marie Innominato, is first and foremost Italian-American from New York. A Catholic School bad-girl in the ‘80s, she began her dance career clubbing in New York when she was a teen, sneaking out of the house on school nights. She chased rainbows and waterfalls, sucking the marrow out of life. Her unconsciously carefree life came to a grinding halt when her father died tragically when she was 28 years old. This broke her, and also initiated her journey of healing. She moved to Seattle in 2000, and went to grad school to become a Psychotherapist. She did a deep dive in her psyche, dedicating herself to uncovering what was beyond the pain. She discovered that there is something inside her that never changes, and flows…is loving, stable, eternal, and can be accessed in deep meditation as well as in conscious dance.

One day, after a particularity powerful class, she heard her inner voice say “We have COME to BECOME. We have COME to HAVE FUN. We have COME to BE ONE. We have COME to DANCE!” This is her dharma and karma, her mantra and vow.

Dina has had the unique pleasure of leading this Dance Community at Dance Underground for over 15 years. She’s has had the same schedule the entire time: 4 classes a week. Through support and feedback from her community, she returns, ripening into a more focused and profound facilitator/leader each class, while still maintaining her beginner’s mind.

Her dance practice has been an important part of her healing journey, revealing many secrets and revelations through the years. She has realized that imagination, music, and dance are THE gifts we’ve been given to evolve and thrive as a species and to awaken to our potentials.

For more information about her Psychotherapy and Healing Practice, please visit dinalove.com, and thank you!

Dina Love