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Welcome to Bodyfulness

Dina Love’s time-ripened, heart-centered Dance Class in Seattle, WA.

 Are you ready to embrace your inner awesomeness?!?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.




What is Bodyfulness?

“Bodyfulness” is a state of being that is evoked when we love our bodies through connected and embodied self-expression.

“Dancing Bodyfulness” is moving in a safe, shared space with an emphasis on both authentic individuality and harmony.

Level up your true self-expression each and every class, and show up with more courage, compassion, and unconditional love than ever before.

Connect with community and begin to thaw that infamous "Seattle Freeze” into an experience of our cooperative potential!

The Bodyfulnes Effect

Dancing the paradox of connecting down and into your own experience, while simultaneously up and out into the communal space, sparks a vibrant peak experience.

This “both/and” of being your full authentic self physically, while staying with the group in a basic form of choreography is a mirror of our healthy potentials, as well as a poetic and moving experience of a spiritual awakening now.

Anchored in love and sweat, we come together for a common purpose: to embody and potentialize.

In this embodiment, it is not possible to forget the Earth.

Bodyfulness vows to GIVE BACK to our Mother, energetically and through supporting environmental non-profits that are committed to the preservation of Gaia and her creatures.   

Win for our bodies, Win for our spirits, Win for our Gaia.


It’s quite possible.

Dina Love 2019

Dina Love 2019

About Your Teacher

Dina has had the unique pleasure of leading this Dance Community at Dance Underground for over 15 years. She’s has had the same schedule the entire time: four classes a week. Through support and feedback from her community, she returns, ripening into a more focused and profound facilitator/leader each class, while still maintaining her beginner’s mind.

Her dance practice has been an important part of her healing journey, revealing many secrets and revelations through the years. She has realized that imagination, music, and dance are THE gifts we’ve been given to evolve and thrive as a species and to awaken to our potentials.

For more biographical background, please check out the featured blog post about Dina. For more information about her Psychotherapy and Healing Practice, please visit dinalove.com. Thank you!

All website photos by Chelon Towner, Taylor Sims, and Dina Love

Find us at:

Dance Underground on Capitol Hill

340 15th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98112